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To watch the matches online:

– Look at the sports retransmission calendar below. Watch football for free.

– Select and click on the match you want to watch.

– Choose a channel whose download speed does not exceed the internet speed you have contracted.

– To watch the game without any problem, connect the channel 20 minutes before the game and let it download. At the beginning of the event it will be working correctly. Free football

– Information on match schedules By:


How to synchronize the images of the game with the sound of the radio

The images of these TV channels are usually delayed 1 or 2 minutes, to have image and sound, in Spanish, synchronized:

Open a radio that uses Real Player. Make sure you have Real Player installed. If you don’t have it, download it at

One of the radios that Real Player uses and always broadcast soccer is Radio Marca (Spain).

Start listening and press pause at a specific time (for example, the kick-off). When you see on TV that the initial kick is made, then press Play and so you will have the game synchronized. Free soccer

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